Monday, July 11, 2011

Toilet Humor - But, It Is Not What You Think!

In the Toronto airport last week, on our way to Australia (crazy route, but you have to take those sometimes with frequent flyer miles), I went into the men’s restroom and saw a little boy moving around in front of a toilet and making it flush. “Dad – is it magic!?!” “Yes, son.” “Dad – they’re all magic!”

How could you not smile? I LOVED it! I also thought about my father, who probably thought the same thing 10 or so days ago when he entered heaven – “Is this place for real?” But, he knew that it was, and he knew he was there because of Jesus, not because of twenty plus years of teaching Sunday School or being a church member or being baptized, but because he repented of his sin and placed his trust in Jesus, who died for his sin and took God’s punishment for sin that was directed toward Billy Talley. Jesus got in the way of God’s wrath – Praise the Lord!

We have been enjoying a blessed few days in Sydney with Alison’s mom – and we have been blessedly out of touch! We have limited access to Internet and email, though we may have a little more access the next few days when we are visiting friends in Melbourne. I did not go that far South last year, so I am looking forward to being with Alison’s friends, the Raither, in Melbourne, though I am not looking forward to the 4:30AM to get back to the airport while jet-lag is still a factor. If you think that three-four days in is a little long to be struggling with jet-lag, come to this enchanted land they call OZ sometime – it is well worth it, but it ain’t an easy trip!

I hope to write from Melbourne. It will be a little cooler than the 50’s we have been experiencing here with brilliant sunshine. Jealous? You should be, even though I freeze here when I am inside! Aussies are quite committed to saving energy, and they do so with heat! Our ways are just as different to them, I am certain, so for my Aussie friends reading this, please know that your way is more than OK. It’s just cold! You are, without doubt, though, some of the warmest people I have met! So glad that most of our time here is still ahead of us.

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Anonymous said...

I will imagine all of us will ask"is this place for real, or am I dreaming?" I know once when my Mom was near death, she woke up and said she dreamed she was in heaven.. she went on to say, it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She could not get over how beautiful her bed was and described it in detail. At this time in her earthly life she spent a great deal of time in bed. I just couldn't help but smile as she was beaming! As the song goes I can only Imagine...
So glad it is 50 degrees there as it broke a record here of 102! And the same is predicted tomorrow! So while you are cold, think about your friends here sweating and cranking up the air!
So glad you and Alison made it safe and I will look forward to reading about your adventures.
Wish I could send you some of this heat wave!